Jumbo Walleye Tournament Recap

Jumbo Reservoir was the location of the Colorado Walleye Associations fourth points tournament for the 2015 season.  28 teams signed up for the two day event, all with a chance at some big fish in the North Eastern Colorado goldmine!  Last year numerous fish exceeding 21” were caught and with the rapid growth rate of the fish in Jumbo, teams were excited and hopeful that the big fish bite would be on!   Teams pre-fishing for the event found that the bigger fish were elusive as well as keeper sized over 15”.  Many teams caught fish with a lot of them being just under the legal size limit.

On Saturday morning after the National Anthems teams started the day heading in all directions in hopes of a full and heavy basket.  Good weather made fishing enjoyable as teams used many different techniques to catch their fish.  Trolling cranks, jigging, lindy rigging, slip bobbers and pulling spinners were all successfully used to catch fish.  When the weigh station closed after day one, Adam Haun and Sam Buck brought in 9.25lbs of walleye which was enough for 3rd place for the day.  In second place, Gregor Eigisti and Rich Stebbins brought in a nice basket weighing 13.31lbs.  Taking the top spot on Saturday with 14.04lbs., veteran tournament anglers, Gene Metschke and Chris Woodman not only brought in a full basket, they brought in the days largest walleye weighing in at 5.86lbs!  Josh Johnson and his wife Jessica weighed 5.39lbs to win the Mixed Division.  Jessica caught all the fish, and Josh did his part by netting every one!  Taking the Youth Division on day one was Greg Devrous and Colton Snyder with 2.41lbs.

Day two started smoothly with many teams within reaching distance of the leaders.  Teams found the bite was slower and quickly realized they had their work cut out for them.  At the end of the day, Derek Sova and Forrest Beckman brought in a great basket weighing 9.79lbs. which landed them in third place for the day.  This was also enough to win the Youth Division on day two!  In second for the day, John Flaherty and Lonnie Snyder connected with great fish and weighed 10.61lbs.  Bringing in the biggest single day basket of the tournament and enough to take first place on Sunday, the father and son team of Dan and Bob Giordano brought in 12.18lbs of Jumbo walleyes.  Josh and Jessica Johnson brought in 3.12lbs and won the Mixed Division again.  Winning Big Fish on Sunday with a beautiful 5.95lb. eye, the largest of the tournament was the team of Drew Anderson and Doug Anderson.

Taking first place overall, Gregor Eigisti and Rich Stebbins with a two day total of 21.16lbs.  These guys figured out a pattern and worked it, congrats on a hard-earned victory!   In second place, weighing 19.42lbs, Dan and Bob Giordano!   Finishing 3rd overall with two consistent days, Adam Haun and Sam Buck weighed a two day total of 18.36lbs.  Taking the Overall Youth Division was Derek Sova and Forrest Beckman with 9.79lbs over the two days.  The overall winner of the Mixed Division goes to Josh and Jessica Johnson for their two day total of 8.51lbs.  Top Lund Award goes to Gregor Eigisti and Rich Stebbins and the Ranger Cup goes to Cary Weaver and Jim Thibodeau.  Thank you to all the participants, it was a great tournament and everyone had a lot of fun!  Thank you to all the nice folks up at Jumbo Reservoir, the CWA always looks forward to our Jumbo Tournament.  Thank you to all the volunteers that helped with the tournament.  Special thanks to Sandy and Brady Hewitt for all of their help at the weigh station, you both help make things run smoothly!  We had the highest successful release rate of the year at Jumbo!  Thank you to all the anglers for keeping their fish so healthy throughout the day.  A total of 164 walleyes were caught with only 5 not being released, well done all!  The final Points Tournament of the year will be at Big Mac in June 26th and 27th, hope to see you all there! 

Final Results

Overall Place Name Partner Name Special Day 1 Weight Day 2 Weight Total Weight Total Points
1 Gregor Eigisti Rich Stebbins   13.31 7.85 21.16 100
2 Dan Giordano  Bob Giordano   7.24 12.18 19.42 99
3 Adam Haun Sam Buck   9.25 9.11 18.36 98
4 Ron Schroeder Brett Rye   8.42 7.36 15.78 0
5 John Quarles Steve Shelton   9.21 5.07 14.28 97
6 Gene Metschke Chris Woodman   14.04 0 14.04 96
7 Drew Anderson  Doug Anderson   4.04 9.78 13.82 95
8 John Flaherty Lonnie Snyder   2.81 10.61 13.42 94
9 Ronnie D. Snyder  Ronnie L. Snyder   5.95 6.04 11.99 93
10 Cary Weaver Jim Thibodeau   9.03 1.46 10.49 92
11 Mitch Petersen Brad Qualley   5.48 4.78 10.26 91
12 Derrick Sova Forrest Beckman Y 0 9.79 9.79 90
13 Ray Deichsel Jeff Annis   5.77 3.75 9.52 89
14 Frank Becvar Todd Christofferson   7.76 1.45 9.21 88
15  Doug Beane  Bill Willingham   4.38 4.63 9.01 87
16 Josh Johnson  Jessica Johnson M 5.39 3.12 8.51 86
17 Scott Beauvais  Robert Schafer   6.31 2.13 8.44 85
18 Don Watt  Andreas Watt   4.58 2.58 7.16 84
19 Mike Williams  Lanny Moore   5.5 1.34 6.84 83
20 Collin Rupel  Shane DuBois   1.65 4.97 6.62 82
21  Neal Wilkinson  Kelly Abernathy  M 5.19 0 5.19 81
22 Pat Scott  Kaye Scott M 5.11 0 5.11 80
23 Art Petz  Connie Petz M 3.84 0 3.84 79
24 Rusty Riley  Tracy Eaton   3.58 0 3.58 78
25  Aaron Raichel  Richard Raichel &nnbsp; 3.39 0 3.39 77
26 Greg Devrous  Colton Snyder Y 2.41 0 2.41 76
27  Larry Walker  Cambray Walker   1.21 0 1.21 75
28 Butch Haug   Lee Cooper   1.07 0 1.07 74
Total 155.92 108.00 263.92
Tournament Stats:
Total Walleye 164
Average Weight 1.61lbs
Sat. Big Fish 5.86 lbs Metschke/Woodman
Sun. Big Fish 5.95 lbs Anderson/Anderson
Top Mix Johnson/Johnson
Top Youth Sova/Beckman
Ranger Cup Weaver/Thibodeau
Top Lund Eigisti/Stebbins


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