Trinidad Walleye Tournament Recap

Last weekend, 19 teams competed in the third tournament of the 2015 CWA Points Series at Trinidad Lake near the Colorado / New Mexico border.  Trinidad has always been a fun place to catch walleye with most teams catching crazy numbers of smaller walleyes with a chance to nab one of the true giants that prowl its depths.  To place high in the competition, it typically comes down to making the right decisions on which eyes make it into the live wells.  Each two person team was allowed 10 walleyes in their live wells each day and could weigh their best 8.  Although there is no minimum size restriction, teams are only allowed 2 each day over 18”.  Water levels are higher than normal and with the water temp at a chilly 58 degrees, anglers pre-fishing for the event found the bite to be extremely slow.  On the far West end of the lake, access was limited by a line of buoy’s that were strung up across the entire length to keep floating logs coming in from the river and cluttering up the lake.

On Saturday morning following the National Anthem, Dave and Sue with Canon Marine in their Lund boat officially started the contest with teams required to return and check in by 4:00pm.  Wind was a factor along with some rain and small hail as teams worked for their fish.  Most teams fished live bait on jigs, lindy rigs and bottom bouncers with a few teams pulling crank baits trying to entice strikes.

At the end of day one, 14 of the 19 teams brought in fish to weigh.  Finishing in third place was the team of Warren Frederickson and Rich Sebbins Jr. with 8 fish weighing 9.09lbs.  In second, Larry and Cambray Walker brought in 8 fish weighing 10.81lbs. On the top of the field, were local favorites, Dan and “Walleye Bob” Giordano, showing their knowledge of Trinidad and savvy angling skills with an 8 fish basket weighing 10.81lbs.

On day two, the wind calmed and the sun came out which made for an easier day on the water.  Many teams headed back to their same spots, trying to put together another full basket to bring to the weigh station.  After all teams weighed in, the weights were added for both days and the final results were complete.  Finishing in 4th place overall, and receiving a check for $485.00 was the team of Gene Metschke and Chris “Woody” Woodman with 17.73lbs. total for the two days.  Taking 3rd overall and a check for $605.00 was Warren Frederickson and Rich Stebbins Jr. with a two day total of 18.82lbs.  Catching the largest one day basket of the tournament at 11.50lbs.and combined with Saturday's full basket, the team of Drew Anderson and Devin Manino took 2nd overall with 20.33lbs and received a check for $830.00.  Consistency and patience paid off for Larry and Cambray Walker as they put it together again on Sunday weighing in another full basket and enough to take the win!  With a two day total of 20.77lbs the team received a check for $1,425.00 for their first place finish.

Winning the Mixed Division was Neal Wilkinson and Kelly Abernathy with a two day total of 2.60lbs.  Day ones JB Lures Big Fish Award goes to Warren Frederickson and Rich Stebbins Jr. for a 1.80lb eye.  The Day two JB Lures Big Fish Award goes to Doug Beane and Bill Willingham for brining in the largest walleye of the tournament weighing 1.93lbs.  The two also entered the Ron Lowry Go Big Award where teams were allowed to enter the side pot for $20 with half the pot donated to Ron’s fund and the other half to the team.  Thank you to Doug and Bill for donating their portion to Ron as well, great job!  The Top Lund winners were Larry and Cambray Walker and the Top Ranger goes to Scott Beauvais and Robert Schafer.

Special thanks to Dave and Sue with Canon Marine for being our Official Start and Check-In Boat for the event.  They are great people and we appreciate our friendship with them!  In addition, Canon Marine generously offered a Free Tournament Entry to the team that finished in the 15th spot.  The winners of the Canon Marine Tournament Entry were Pat Scott and Randall McQueen!  Thank you to Sandy and Brady Hewitt for their help both days at the weigh station and to Steve Shelton, John Quarles, Ray Deichsel and Ray Sr. for conducting boat inspections each day and to Warren and Rich for helping break down the weigh station on Sunday.  Thank you to all the Rangers at Trinidad State Park, they are always the nicest folks and we appreciate all the help to make every tournament at Trinidad a success!

A total of 131 walleyes were caught with a total weight of 144.25lbs.  Great job to all teams as only 4 walleyes out of the 131 total were not released back into the lake.  Good luck to the CWA teams that will be fishing the National Team Championship on Milford Lake, KS!  Next up for the CWA Point Series will be Jumbo Reservoir on June 13th and 14th, registration ends on Wednesday June 10th at midnight.


Final Results

Overall Place Name Partner Name Special Day 1 Weight Day 2 Weight Total Weight Total Points
1 Larry Walker  Cambray Walker   10.81 9.96 20.77 100
2 Drew Anderson  Devin Manino   8.83 11.5 20.33 99
3 Warren Frederickson   Richard Stebbins Jr.   9.09 9.73 18.82 98
4 Gene Metschke  Chris Woodman   8.74 8.99 17.73 97
5 Dan Giordano  Bob Giordano   10.83 5.44 16.27 96
6 Brad Qualley  Mitch Petersen   3.82 10.65 14.47 95
7 Steve Shelton   John Quarles   4.38 4.54 8.92 94
8 Scott Beauvais  Robert Schafer   3.05 3.91 6.96 93
9 Adam Haun  Sam Buck   1.16 3.16 4.32 92
10 Ray Deichsel Ray Deichsel, Sr.   0.38 3.44 3.82 91
11 Doug Beane  Bill Willingham   0 3.13 3.13 90
12 Cary Weaver  Bob Tate   0 2.88 2.88 89
13 Neal Wilkinson  Kelly Abernathy M 1.31 1.29 2.6 88
14 Josh Johnson  Skip Banks   1.85 0 1.85 87
15 Pat Scott  Randall McQueen   0.77 0 0.77 86
16 Rusty Riley  Tracy Eaton   0.61 0 0.61 85
17 Kevin Werre  Vern Werre   0 0 0 5
17 Mike Williams  Justin Crump   0 0 0 5
17 Matt Gonzales  Brandon Trujillo   0 0 0 5
Total 65.63 78.62 144.25
Tournament Stats:
Total Walleye 131
Average Weight 1.10lbs
Sat. Big Fish 1.80lbs Frederickson/Stebbins
Sun. Big Fish 1.93lbs Beane/Willingham
Top Mix Wilkinson/Abernathy
Top Youth  
Ranger Cup Beauvais/Schafer
Top Lund Walker/Walker


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