Cherry Creek Walleye Tournament Recap

The 2015 Colorado Walleye Tournament season has officially started with incredible results!

Leading up to the traditional first tournament of the year, many fish in the reservoir were shallow and the bite was pretty good.  Competitors practicing the days prior were met with a nasty cold front, bringing freezing temps, wind, rain and snow.  The fish reacted to the change in weather and the bite slowed for many teams. 

On Friday night the teams met for the pre-tournament meeting at 5:30pm.  It was great to see so many familiar faces and many new teams that were fishing their first CWA event!  58 teams entered the tournament which was the most teams in many years.  Teams were prepared for the weather and due to the weather conditions, this tournament would be a true test of the angler’s skills and knowledge!

On Saturday morning, the first flight took off at 7:00am and the second flight at 7:30am.  Many teams trolled the deep basin with crankbaits behind leadcore, trying to cause a reaction bite while others chose to fish slowly with live bait.

At 3:30 the first flight was due in and with a crowd of spectators watching brought in great baskets to the weigh station considering the difficult conditions.  Winning day one, the team of Greg Fritz and Robert Sorenson brought in the heaviest bag weighing an impressive 14.44 lbs.

Right behind them finishing in second place was Todd Fulton and Mat Lacy weighing 13.94 lbs. of walleyes.  Fulton and Lacy also won the JB Lures Big Fish Award with an eye weighing 4.18 lbs.  Finishing third for the day was Ray Deichsel and Jeff Annis with 13.79 lbs.  Art and Connie Petz started the 2015 season by continuing their domination from 2014 by winning the Mixed Division with a great bag weighing 11.98 lbs.  The top Youth Team was won by the team of Ron Lowry and Colton Snyder with a 7.14 lb. bag.

On Sunday, the cold wind made for brutal start of day two but as time went on, the weather improved as teams continued to catch fish.  The weigh station opened at 2:30pm and again with a good number of spectators, teams began to bring in their days catch.  The team of Richard Gitautis and John Moreland brought in a whopping bag weighing in at 21.87 lbs.!  This may be the heaviest one day catch in a CWA event at Cherry Creek.  Early in the day, the team caught the largest fish of the tournament, a 9.62 lber that propelled them to top spot for day two.  With that giant, they won the JB Lures Big Fish Award and because the team did such a great job keeping the fish healthy throughout the day, it was released and quickly swam off to the depths unharmed.  Finishing in second place on day two was the team of Bill and John Mueller with another great basket weighing 14.25 lbs.  In third place was William Ianiro and Corey Jolly with 13.36 lbs.  The top Youth Team was won by the father and son team of Chad and Lane Thomas with an impressive bag weighing 11.56 lbs.  Winning top Mixed Team for the second day in a row was Team Petz with 11.03 lbs.

After completing the weigh in on day two, the final results were impressive.  Perennial favorites, Bill and John Mueller did it once again by winning the overall competition with a two day combined weight of 26.43 lbs.!   The team also won the Ranger Cup by bringing in the most weight of all teams fishing in a Ranger boat.  Taking second place overall was Todd Fulton and Mat Lacy with a total weight of 24.33 lbs.  Right behind them in third place was Greg Fritz and Robert Sorenson with 24.15 lbs.  Fishing in a Lund boat, the team also won the Top Lund Spot for the tournament.  Finishing fourth overall and also winning the Top Mixed team of the tournament, with 23.01 lbs. was Art and Connie Petz.  Rounding out the top five was the Father and Son team of Ken Zuber Sr. and Ken Zuber Jr. with 22.36 lbs.  Overall Top Youth Team went to Ron Lowry and Colton Snyder with a two day combined weight of 15.8 lbs.  

In the two day event, the 58 teams competing caught a total of 211 walleyes weighing an incredible 533.16 lbs.! 

Special thanks to Born To Fish Media for all the great photos and for their help at the weigh station.   Also, thanks to Justin Jones for helping break down the weigh station on Sunday.  Sandy Hewitt and her son Brady were instrumental in helping during the weigh in process – thank you both, we couldn’t have done it without you!  

Thank you to the volunteers that conducted the boat inspections each day, great job!

Thank you to Nate Zelinski with Tightline Outdoors for being our official start boat on Saturday.  Thank you WaKeen Barrett for checking in the teams each day.

A sincere thank you to all of our sponsors that contributed to the event, you helped make our first tournament of 2015 a great success! 

Most of all, thank you to all the contestants.  This was the largest CWA tournament in recent years and it was great to see everyone having fun, showing great sportsmanship and catching so many fish! 

Ovreall Winners - Bill Mueller and John Mueller

Day 1 and Overall Youth Division Winners - Colon Snyder and Ron Lowry

Day 2 Youth Division Winners - Lane Thomas and Chad Thomas

Big Fish Day 1 Winners - Todd Fulton and Mat Lacy

Big Fish Day 2 Winners - Richard Gitautis and John Moreland

Final Results

Overall Place Name Partner Name Special Day 1 Weight Day 2 Weight Total Weight Total Points
1 Bill Mueller John Mueller   12.18 14.25 26.43 100
2 Todd Fulton Mat Lacy   13.94 10.39 24.33 99
3 Greg Fritz Robert Sorenson   14.44 9.71 24.15 98
4 Art Petz Connie Petz M 11.98 11.03 23.01 97
5 Ken Zuber Jr. Ken Zuber Sr.   11.16 11.2 22.36 96
6 Mike Williams Justin Crump   9.55 12.37 21.92 95
7 Richard Gitautis John Moreland   0 21.87 21.87 94
8 Gene Metschke Donald Broeren   11.52 10.29 21.81 93
9 Josh Johnson Skip Banks   7.06 13.29 20.35 92
10 Ray Deichsel Jeff Annis   13.79 6.11 19.9 91
11 William Ianiro Corey Jolly   4.72 13.36 18.08 90
12 Boe Kampbell Scott Wilson   11.77 5.81 17.58 89
13 Gregor Eisgti Rich Stebbins   6.97 10.22 17.19 88
14 Will Dykstra Devin Manino   7.18 9.55 16.73 87
15 Brent Henry Brian Henry   9.47 6.51 15.98 0
16 Ron Lowry Colton Snyder Y 7.14 8.66 15.8 86
17 Drew Anderson Doug Anderson   9.62 5.73 15.35 85
18 Scott Beauvais Robert Schafer   3.12 12.07 15.19 84
19 Mike Ralph Dave Ruch   4.55 9.51 14.06 83
20 Keith McClarney Ryan Haggard   8.17 4.02 12.19 82
21 Justin Jones Barry Cundiff   11.93 0 11.93 81
22 Chad Thomas Lane Thomas Y 0 11.56 11.56 80
23 Chet Williams Michael Hall   6.62 4.19 10.81 79
24 Adam Haun Sam Buck   2.25 7.44 9.69 78
25 James Winters DJ Williams   7.29 2.18 9.47 77
26 Darrel Jarred Stan Citrowski   4.76 4.58 9.34 76
27 Dan Giordano Bob Giordano   6.81 2.45 9.26 75
28 Gary Mongelli Grace Mongelli M 5.84 2.59 8.43 74
29 Brad Qualley Mitch Petersen   2.74 5.22 7.96 73
30 Josh Sheldon Dan Swanson   0 7.74 7.74 72
31 Emile Van Hoye Millie Weiss M 4.71 2.13 6.84 71
32 Cary Weaver Bob Tate   4.24 2.05 6.29 70
33 Rodney Murphy Jeremy Heller   5.83 0 5.83 69
34 Don Watt Andreas Watt   0 4.55 4.55 68
35 Rusty Riley Tracy Eaton   2.06 2.32 4.38 67
35 Danny Hibbard David Jorgensen   0 4.05 4.05 66
37 Tom Busby Ron Busby   0 3.58 3.58 65
38 John Quarles Steve Shelton   2.44 0 2.44 64
39 Frank Becvar Todd Christofferson   0 2.29 2.29 63
40 Matt Masceranas Paul Ko   2.21 0 2.21 62
41 Ronnie D. Snyder Ronnie L. Snyder   0 2.2 2.2 61
42 Aaron Raichel Richard Raichel   2.11 0 2.11 60
43 Darrell Greer Rodney White   2.06 0 2.06 59
44 Jon Kaibel Matt Bryant   1.93 0 1.93 58
45 Chris Kohne Brian Martin   1.93 0 1.93 58
46 Don Klein Ed Klein   0 0 0 5
47 Jeffrey Don Kevin Gibbs   0 0 0 5
48 John Flaherty Lonnie Snyder   0 0 0 5
49 John Madsen Teresa Madsen M 0 0 0 5
50 Brad Johnson Sidney Johnson Y 0 0 0 5
51 Gary Scott Mike Hayes   0 0 0 5
52 Jim Stroud Matt Gordon   0 0 0 5
53 Warren Frederickson Doug Frederickson   0 0 0 5
54 Lee Cooper Alexis Cooper Y 0 0 0 5
55 Collin Rupel Shane Dubois   0 0 0 5
56 Neal Wilkinson Kelly Abernathy  M 0 0 0 5
57 Pat Scott Kaye Scott M 0 0 0 5
58 Douglas Beane Bill Willingham   0 0 0 5
Total 256.09 277.07 533.16
Tournament Stats:
Total Walleye 211
Average Weight 2.53lbs
Sat. Big Fish 4.18lbs Fulton/Lacy
Sun. Big Fish 9.62lbs Gitautis/Moreland
Top Mix Petz/Petz
Top Youth Lowry/Snyder
Ranger Cup Mueller/Mueller
Top Lund Fritz/Sorenson


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