Pueblo Walleye Tournament Recap

The final point’s tournament of the year took place last weekend at Pueblo Reservoir.  21 Teams entered the tournament with 8 vying for the Team of the Year honors.  Pueblo can be a difficult tournament at this time of the year.  Numerous walleyes roam it’s depths and the bite is still very good but the larger fish start to feed more and more at night and catching keeper sized walleyes (18” or longer) can prove challenging.  With a lot on the line, teams pre-fished and developed plans to give them the best opportunity to find the elusive keepers to bring in to the weigh station.

Friday evening, the teams checked in at 5:00pm and enjoyed a tasty meal made by Pass Key’s.  During the pre-tournament meeting, Doug Youngers with the DOW spoke on a few details regarding Pueblo Reservoir.  The CWA has a great longstanding relationship with Doug and we appreciate him taking the time to help make sure our anglers are informed and that our tournaments at Pueblo run very smooth.  Also, Dave and Sue Gouveia with Canon Marine in Penrose donated a free entry for next year’s Pueblo tournament.  Congratulations to Thomas and Ron Busby for winning the raffle!  In addition, Canon Marine volunteered to be the Start and Check in boat for both days of the tournament and we really appreciate all the support they’ve given to the club for many years.

On Saturday morning teams took off around 5:30am to start their quest.  Many teams found willing biters, but as predicted, most of the fish were under the 18” minimum size requirement.  Conditions stayed ideal throughout the day and at 2:30pm all teams were checked in by the Canon Marine Lund and brought in their baskets to be weighed.

Mike Williams and Justin Crump brought in the only 5 fish basket of the day with a weight of 8.14lbs and enough for 3rd place.  Coming in 2nd on Saturday were Cary Weaver and Jeff Annis who worked hard all day going through numerous fish to find their 4 keepers that weighed a total of 8.98lbs.  Josh Sheldon and his brother Jeremy came in with a beauty that was 28.5” long weighing 9.71lbs!  They caught numerous fish and found two others to add to their basket with a total weight of 13.37lbs and enough to take 1st place and a healthy lead over the rest of the field.  The Sheldon’s also won Big Fish on Saturday with their impressive daytime trophy!

On Sunday the pack took off again at 5:30am with visions of keepers dancing in their live wells.   For many teams, the bite was slower than on Saturday but teams still found the right size fish to weigh.  Coming in with 3 fish and enough to finish 3rd for the day was the Father and Son team of Don and Andreas Watt with 4.95lbs.  In 2nd for the day was Brad Qualley and Mitch Petersen with 3 fish weighing 5.84lbs.  Taking 1st on Sunday with the heaviest basket was another Father and Son team, Ronnie Sr. and Ronnie Snyder.   Ronnie Sr. showed his angling skills as he hooked up with a dandy 4.68lb walleye.  That fish was also Big Fish for Sunday and along with two others, the team weighed 3 fish for a total of 8.27lbs.

After the two day event, Don and Andreas Watt finished 3rd with a total weight of 12.17lbs.  Finishing second was Cary Weaver and Jeff Annis with 13.88lbs.  Josh and Jeremy Sheldon held on to their day one lead and won the event by catching a 1.96lber on Sunday to add to Saturdays basket, coming in with a two day total weight of 15.33lbs.  Congratulations Josh and Jeremy!  Winning the mixed category was the husband and wife team of Art and Connie Petz with a two day basket weighing 1.99lbs. 

A total of 60 keepers were weighed with an average of 1.94lbs each.  Thank you to Sue with Canon Marine for her assistance at the weigh station.  Your help made the process very smooth and easy!  This wraps up the points tournament season for the year.  Thank you to everyone who volunteered to help and to all the participating anglers.

Satruday Big Fish Winners - Sheldon and Sheldon

Final Results

Overall Place Angler #1 Angler #2 M or Y Saturday Sunday Total Total Points
Weight # Fish Weight # Fish Sat + Sun
1 Josh Sheldon Jeremy Sheldon   13.37 3 1.96 1 15.33 100
2 Cary Weaver Jeff Annis   8.98 4 4.90 3 13.88 99
3 Don Watt Andreas Watt   7.22 4 4.95 3 12.17 98
4 Mike Williams Justin Crump   8.14 5 1.67 1 9.81 97
5 Brad Qualley Mitch Petersen   3.67 2 5.84 3 9.51 96
6 Scott Beauvais Robert Schafer   5.39 3 2.98 2 8.37 95
7 Ronnie Snyder Ronnie Snyder   0.00 0 8.27 3 8.27 94
8 Doug Beane Bill Willingham   6.80 4 0.00 0 6.80 93
9 Ray Deichsel Kyle Kunkel   3.40 2 1.68 1 5.08 92
10 Ron Lowry Richard Stebbins Jr.   2.15 1 1.73 1 3.88 91
11 Gene Metschke Larry Call   0.00 0 3.47 2 3.47 90
12 Justin Jones Keith McClarney   1.67 1 1.72 1 3.39 89
13 Collin Rupel Gary Weaver   2.03 1 0.96 1 2.99 88
14 Thomas Busby Ron Busby   0.00 0 2.77 2 2.77 87
15 Art Petz Connie Petz M 0.00 0 1.99 1 1.99 86
16 John Flaherty Lonnie Snyder   0.00 0 1.91 1 1.91 85
17 Gary Mongelli Grace Mongelli M 0.00 0 1.89 1 1.89 84
18 John Quarles Steve Shelton   0.00 0 1.75 1 1.75 83
19 Adam Haun Noah Buck   1.72 1 0.00 0 1.72 82
20 Warren Frederickson Byron Hudson   0.00 0 1.70 1 1.70 81
21 Wayde Glover Garrett Glover   0.00 0 0.00 0 0.00 5
Total 64.54 31 52.14 29 116.68
Tournament Stats:
Total Walleye 60
Average Weight 1.94 lbs
Sat. Big Fish 9.71 lbs Sheldon/Sheldon
Sun. Big Fish 4.68 lbs Snyder/Snyder
Top Mix Petz/Petz
Top Youth  
Ranger Cup Sheldon/Sheldon
Top Lund Snyder/Snyder


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