Jumbo Reservoir Walleye Tournament Recap

On Friday May 30th the registered teams met at the campgrounds on the South side of Jumbo Reservoir.  The club provided a catered Barbeque meal that was delicious and a big thank you to the tournament anglers that donated to help with the costs!    Anticipation was high for teams fishing the tournament because of all the big fish in the reservoir…  The key to doing well would be getting 2 big fish over 21” and then adding to each day’s basket with slot fish between 15” and 21”.

After a deluge of rain hit the reservoir Friday night, everyone wondered how the night’s weather would affect the fishing.  With the weather clear, 22 teams started lining up Saturday morning at 5:30am for boat inspection.  Once everyone was on the water and ready to go, the field took off at 6:40 to find their fish!  Day one, this proved to be a challenging quest with many teams catching bigger fish but having trouble finding slot fish to add to their basket.  The weather may have slowed the bite for some teams, but it was the lower number of slot fish lurking in the lake was the challenge for others with many teams brining in 1 or 2 fish over 21” and no slot fish. 

20 teams weighed fish and a few teams managed to weigh a full basket (5 fish) on Saturday!  Leading after day one was the team of Brett Rye and Travis Stull with 5 fish for 15.82lbs!  In second place were Derrick Sova and Colton Snyder with 4 fish and a whopping 15.55lbs.  They were also competing in the Youth division and Colton, the “youth” put on a walleye clinic with the hot hand Saturday!  Larry Call and Gene Metschke rounded out the top 3 teams with 5 fish weighing 14.08lbs!  Big Fish of the day weighed 6.75lbs. and was caught by Scott Beauvais and Robert Shafer! 

On Sunday, shortly after the start, teams were faced with some whacky weather to add to the challenge.  Rain, a little hail, followed up with brutal winds made boat control difficult for a few hours for most teams.

The big basket on day 2 was caught by Ronnie Sr. and Ronnie Snyder at a very impressive weight of 18.40lbs with 5 fish.  After the weigh in, Ronnie Sr. said, “everything just worked out!”  Fishing their first CWA tournament and finishing second on Sunday was Shep Sheppard and Cameron Sheppard with 5 fish weighing 17.60!  Brett Rye and Travis Stull proved their skills and found there fish again on Sunday weighing another full basket of 5 great fish weighing 17.22lbs!   Big Fish experts, Scott Beauvais and Robert Shafer did it again on Sunday weighing big fish of the day and the largest walleye of the tournament at 6.77lbs. 

First place overall goes to Brett Rye and Travis Stull with a 2 day (Big Mac type) weight of 33.04lbs!  Second place overall goes to Shep Sheppard and Cameron Sheppard with 29.40lbs!  Way to go guys!  In third place, Father and Son, Ronnie Sr. and Ronnie Snyder with 29.12lbs!

The top mixed team was Art and Connie Petz with a 2 day total of 13.45lbs.  This win gave them the trifecta as they have won the top mixed team in all of the 3 CWA tournaments this year!  The top youth team was Derrick Sova and Colton Snyder with a total of 17.74lbs in the two day tournament!

Overall, everyone had a great time and caught fish.  Fish were caught using multiple methods including, live bait rigs, pitching jigs shallow, bottom bouncing with spinners and trolling and casting crank baits.  Jumbo Reservoir proved to be an outstanding walleye fishery that should just get even better with time and we look forward to going back again!

Special thanks to Sandy Hewitt for her help with the weigh station, you helped make it very smooth each day!

1st Place Winners - Brett Rye and Travis Stull

2nd Place Winners - Shep and Cameron Sheppard

3rd Place Winners - Ronnie and Ronnie Snyder

Adult/Youth Winners - Derrick Sova and Colton Snyder

Big Fish Winners both days - Scott Beauvais and Robert Schafer

Final Results

Overall Place Angler #1 Angler #2 M or Y Saturday Sunday Total Total Points
Weight # Fish Weight # Fish Sat + Sun
1 Brett Rye Travis Stull   15.82 5 17.22 5 33.04 100
2 Shep Sheppard Cameron Sheppard   11.80 4 17.60 5 29.40 99
3 Ronnie Snyder Ronnie Snyder   10.72 2 18.40 5 29.12 98
4 Scott Beauvais Robert Schafer   11.79 2 15.54 3 27.33 97
5 John Flaherty Lonnie Snyder   8.61 2 13.97 3 22.58 96
6 Brad Qualley Mitch Petersen   12.21 4 8.68 2 20.89 95
7 Adam Haun Noah Buck   5.21 1 13.15 4 18.36 94
8 Colton Snyder Derrick Sova Y 15.55 4 2.19 1 17.74 93
9 Gene Metschke Larry Call   14.08 5 2.46 2 16.54 92
10 Art Petz Connie Petz M 7.38 2 6.07 2 13.45 91
11 Butch Haug Lee Cooper   5.97 2 6.49 2 12.46 90
12 Cary Weaver Jeff Annis   11.96 3 0.00 0 11.96 89
13 Wayde Glover Garrett Glover   11.33 3 0.00 0 11.33 88
14 Keith McClarney Ryan Haggard   8.75 2 0.00 0 8.75 87
15 Emile VanHoye Janell Shipman M 1.54 1 7.12 2 8.66 86
16 Doug Beane Bill Willingham   3.89 1 4.59 2 8.48 85
17 Steve Robar Mary Robar M 4.74 1 3.43 1 8.17 84
18 Dan Giordano Bob Giordano   1.27 1 5.48 3 6.75 83
19 Gregor Eigsti Brady Hewitt Y 5.62 1 0.00 0 5.62 82
20 Eric Ewing John Ewing   4.89 1 0.00 0 4.89 81
21 Collin Rupel Gary Weaver   0.00 0 4.40 2 4.40 80
22 Don Watt Andreas Watt   0.00 0 3.16 1 3.16 79
Total 173.13 47 149.95 45 323.08
Tournament Stats:
Total Walleye 92
Average Weight 3.51lbs
Sat. Big Fish 6.75lbs Beauvais/Schafer
Sun. Big Fish 6.77lbs Beauvais/Schafer
Top Mix Petz/Petz
Top Youth Sova/Snyder
Ranger Cup Beauvais/Schafer
Top Lund Rye/Stull


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