Glendo Walleye Tournament Recap

The first weekend of May found the water temperatures at Glendo Reservoir around 54 degrees and the bite was starting to “warm up”.  Everyone was predicting that the bite for the Glendo tournament was going to be “on fire”!  It was obvious the word got out as there were 109 combined contestants between the Wyoming Walleye Stampede and CWA Points #2 Tournament.  But as the saying goes, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” and obviously something really upset ole Mother Nature because the weekend before the tournament she brought very cold temperatures and several inches of snow.  She continued to show her discontent by welcoming all the tournament prefishermen/women with rain, hail, strong winds and cooler temperatures.  The day before the tournament you had to search high and low for water temps greater than 50 degrees and the bite, like the temperatures, was anything but “hot”. 

Even with the poor bite and the lousy weather, the mood was fairly optimistic and jovial at the rules meeting.  Most of the contestants were complaining about the slow bite and few numbers of fish they had been catching.  But was this the truth or just pretournament psychological strategy? 

Saturday morning started out like many of the previous days; cloudy, cool and with a high probability of rain.  Many contestants donned their high quality rain gear from Cabelas and Bass Pro with sullen anticipation of another cold and wet day.  But for once Mother Nature decided to show her compassionate and nurturing side by providing not one but two very nice days with low winds and warmer temperatures.

As everyone was lining up in preparation of the first morning’s launch one couldn’t help but notice the number of Lund and Ranger boats that dotted the water surface.  At 7:00 AM the launch started and within 10 minutes all 109 boats were zooming off to their secret spot.  The interesting thing was how many different techniques that contestants were using to catch fish from trolling crank baits like Reef Runners or Live Target lures below Yellow Bird planer boards, to casting jerk baits like those from Dynamic Lures or Storm; to jigging with ReelBait flasher jigs or Smokin’ jigs; to using jigging spoons like those from JB Lures or ReelBait; to using live bait like that from RoadRunner Bait or Vados.  With the live bait bite being so finicky, using the right pole like the ESOX rigging pole or Eagle Claw’s Tony Roach bottom bouncing pole was key to catching fish. 

As the first day came to an end it was obvious that the bite, although not on fire, was at least not completely cold.  And as the first day came to an end the adult youth team of Clint and Ben Acres was in first place with an impressive weight of 25.16 pounds which included the big fish of the day with a 29.75” beauty winning them a $100 check and a $25 lure package from JB Lures!  The first day winners had almost a 6.5 pound lead on the 2nd place team of Jason Vowers and Ryan Wellman that weighed 18.74 pounds just edging out the 3rd place team of Scott Beauvais and Robert Schafer that weighed 18.70 pounds.  This wasn’t the only close contest as Judy and Eric Coe just beat out Art and Connie Petz by one tenth of a pound for the Mixed Couple award for day one.  Even though the Acres had a substantial lead everyone knew that with the size and number of big fish in Glendo the race was far from over.

The second day started out sunny and fairly calm.  Right from the start it appeared that the bite was warming up as you saw many nets, like the EGO net, out scooping up fish.  But were they the right size fish?  Let’s just say the day had many surprises in store.

At the end of day 2 many contestants that had done well the day before loaded their boats with disgusted looks of dejection and left to wonder, “What should have we done differently?”, while others that had kept themselves in the game were anxiously awaiting the awards ceremony wondering, “Did we do enough to make the money?”  Waiting around for the awards it was interesting to hear all the contestants say how instrumental their fish finders were to them cashing a check, like “If it hadn’t been for my Lowrance HDS-8 I wouldn’t have been able to have targeted the right depth with my lures.”

When all the numbers had been crunched the 2nd place team from day 1, Vowers and Wellman, not only won Day 2 with 20.91 pounds but also edged out Clint and Ben Acres for first overall by less than two-tenths of a pound.  Ty and Jeff Svejkvosky received 2nd place for Day 2 which helped them capture 3rd place overall.  The third place team for Day 3 was the adult/youth team of Ryan and Hunter Vowers.  Gary and Grace Mongelli won the Mixed Couple award for Day 2, but Art and Connie Petz actually won the Mixed Couple Overall award.  Clint and Ben Acres won the Adult/Youth division as well as the $100 Top Lund prize from Crowley Marine.  The 3rd place overall team of Ty and Jeff Svejkvosky won the Ranger Cup award.

All-in-all it was a well run tournament and I would highly recommend anyone looking for a competitive and high payout tournament circuit to give the Wyoming Walleye Stampede a hard look.

We would like to give a big thanks to all of our sponsors – without your support this tournament wouldn’t have been possible! 

1st Place Winners - Jason Vowers and Ryan Wellman

2nd Place Winners - Clint and Ben Acres

3rd Place Winners - Ty and Jeff Svejkvosky

Final Results

Overall Place Angler #1 Angler #2 M or Y Saturday Sunday Total Total Points
Weight # Fish Weight # Fish Sat + Sun
1 Jason Vowers Ryan Wellman   18.74 5 20.91 5 39.65 100
2 Clint Acres Ben Acres Y 25.16 5 14.32 5 39.48 99
3 Ty Svejkovsky Jeff Svejkovsky   16.51 5 18.47 5 34.98 98
4 Ryan Vowers Hunter Vowers Y 14.18 5 17.11 5 31.29 97
5 Josh Sheldon Joe Zupancic   14.82 5 14.08 5 28.90 96
6 Scott Beauvais Robert Schafer   18.70 5 9.90 4 28.60 95
7 Todd Fulton Mat Lacy   13.13 5 13.89 5 27.02 94
8 Larry Sydow Robert Sydow   13.33 5 13.25 5 26.58 93
9 Ronnie Snyder Lonnie Snyder   12.96 5 13.55 5 26.51 92
9 Brian Hilbert Gregg Moon   13.43 5 12.60 5 26.03 91
11 Dan Horath Chad Baumann   17.09 5 8.92 5 26.01 90
12 David Riediger Eric Karcher   12.68 4 13.06 5 25.74 89
13 Darrell Jarred Larry Ford   13.13 5 12.17 5 25.30 88
14 John Mueller Bill Mueller   10.61 5 13.25 5 23.86 87
15 Darrell Bocek Paul Verley   13.37 5 10.30 5 23.67 86
16 Ron Lowry Robert Lowry   11.20 5 11.28 5 22.48 85
17 Jason Hall Michael Hall   9.62 4 12.32 5 21.94 84
18 Todd Wacaser Clay Price   4.34 2 15.55 5 19.89 83
19 Art Petz Connie Petz M 10.23 5 9.46 5 19.69 82
20 Mike Morgareidge Dan Rockafellow   7.93 3 10.67 5 18.60 81
21 Bill Ianiro Cory Jolly   3.89 2 12.24 5 16.13 80
22 Eric Coe Judy Coe M 10.33 5 5.27 3 15.60 79
23 Jim Thibodeau Todd Lindgren   11.59 5 2.96 1 14.55 78
24 Gary Mongelli Grace Mongelli M 2.25 1 11.90 5 14.15 77
25 Ken Zuber Ken Zuber   0.00 0 14.13 5 14.13 76
26 Dennis Kraus Bob Buderus   1.66 1 12.23 5 13.89 75
27 Greg Fritz Robert Sorenson   0.00 0 13.58 5 13.58 74
28 Andy Baktamarian Bobby Bindert   2.64 1 6.98 3 9.62 73
29 Adam Haun Noah Buck   3.19 1 3.72 2 6.91 72
30 Collin Rupel Gary Weaver   0.00 0 6.54 3 6.54 71
31 Robert Hix Jerry Thompson   4.70 2 0.00 0 4.70 70
32 Don Watt Andreas Watt   4.51 2 0.00 0 4.51 69
33 Derrick Burd Dwight Burd   1.66 1 1.59 1 3.25 68
34 Kendall Burd Al Keffer   1.82 1 0.00 0 1.82 67
Total 319.40 115 356.2 137 675.60
Tournament Stats:
Total Walleye 252
Average Weight 2.68lbs
Sat. Big Fish 29.75" Acres/Acres
Sun. Big Fish 25.5" Svejkovsky/Svejkovsky
Top Mix Petz/Petz
Top Youth Acres/Acres
Ranger Cup Svejkovsky/Svejkovsky
Top Lund Acres/Acres


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