Fall Classic Walleye Tournament Recap

Recap coming soon....

1st Place Winners - Chad Lunde and Luke Schultz

2nd Place Winners - Mike Williams and Justin Crump

3rd Place Winners - Ronnie Snyder and Lonnie Snyder

4th Place Winners - Greg Fritz and Jim Andrews

Brady helping at the weigh station

The event couldn't have been successful without all the help!

Final Results

Overall Place Angler #1 Angler #2 Weight # Fish
1 Chad Lunde   Luke Schultz 10.39 5
2  Mike Williams  Justin Crump 9.37 5
3  Ronnie D. Snyder  Lonnie Snyder 7.19 4
4 Greg Fritz  Jim Andrews 7.17 4
5  Cary Weaver  Jeff Annis 5.86 3
6 Brad Qualley   Mitch Petersen 4.24 2
7 Bill Mueller  John Mueller 3.91 2
8 Ronnie Snyder  Greg Devrous 2.38 1
9 Robert Schafer  Scott Beauvais 2.26 1
10 Josh Sheldon  Dan Swanson 2.09 1
11 Warren Frederickson  Janine Frederickson - -
11  Byron Hudson  Coleman Barron - -
11  John Russell  John McWilliams - -
11  Larry Oletski  Barbara Farr - -
11 Dave Kooser  Powers Cayce - -
11  Wayde Glover  Garret Glover - -
11 Jason Russell  John Bruckner - -
11 Dan Giordano  Rob Sorenson - -
11 Justin Jones  Barry Cundiff - -
11 Keith McClarney  Jim McClarney - -
11 Michael Christman  Greg Spera - -
11 Don Bell  Jan Bell - -
11 Bill Ianiro  Rich Stebbins - -
54.86 28
Tournament Stats:
Total Walleye 28
Ave. Walleye Wt. 1.96lbs
Largest Bass 2.05lbs Mueller/Mueller
Largest Bluegill .33lbs Snyder/Devrous
Largest Carp 7.84lbs Hudson/Barron
Largest Walleye 2.38lbs Snyder/Devrous


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