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It was a tough two days of post front fishing for most anglers fishing in the first points tournament of the Colorado Walleye Association’s (CWA) tournament season. The weather was great both days, with highs in the upper 50′s and 60′s, very light winds and scattered cloud cover. We would like to thank Cherry Creek State park for letting the CWA host this tournament, and in making sure the launching and loading inspections of boats went smoothly! Also to everyone who entered the tournament, and made it the success it was! What makes CWA tournaments unique is that they pay the top 20% of the field up to 10 places daily. For the Cherry Creek tournament there were a total of 37 teams, so each day the top 7 teams would be awarded a cash payout, and each day the 1st place team would be awarded $710. The field was divided into 7 groups, and the team that had the top weight in their group for day 1, would win their group’s shootout pot of $200, on top of any money awarded for placing.

Day 1 Recap

Launch went smoothly, and the sunrise was something to behold. Both flights of boats going out without a hitch. It was a fairly slow day fishing for most teams, with a few teams coming in to weigh fish through out the day. At the end of the day a total of 48 walleyes were weighed, with big fishing going to team Fulton/Lacy at 3.74 pounds. Coming in with 1st place for day 1 was team Kathol/Kathol with 5 fish weighing in at 12.02 pounds! Here is the top 7 places for day 1, along with some photos!

Place Name Team # D 1 Fish Big Fish Day 1 WT
1 Kathol/Kathol 22 5 12.02
2 Fulton/Lacy 9 4 3.74 D1 10.73
3 Don/Gibbs 24 5 8.22
4 Jones/Jones 37 3 7.26
5 Brad/Dillon Johnson 36 3 7.19
6 Giordano/Giordano 7 3 5.88
7 Lee & Alexis Cooper 33 3 5.58

Day 1 Collage Launch Collage


Day 2 Recap

Another perfect weather day to start the day out n the lake, day 2 also started without any issues, and anglers were out and fishing in no time! The walleye, however were just as uncooperative as day 1, as many anglers were busy switching out baits and patterns to try to figure out exactly what these fish wanted. As the weigh station opened up just before 9 A.M. team Quarles/Shelton rushed in to weigh a nice fish they had just caught. This was their first tournament, and their excitement could not be contained! The walleye weighed 2.89 pounds, and was on the board as big fish for day 2! The question was, would it hold that status come the end of the day? Several other teams brought fish in to be weighed throughout the day, and it seemed like the big fish would hold it’s spot. 2:30 rolled around and the first flight of boats were in weighing their catch, and the reigning big fish of the day was dethroned with team Williams/Crump’s 3.25 lb walleye, which won the big fish award for day 2. There were a total of 36 Walleyes weighed in on day 2. Taking top honors for day 2 was team Van Hoye/Velder with a weight of 7.81 lbs. Below is a list of the top 7 teams for day 2, along with some pictures!



Place Name Team # D 1 Fish Big Fish Day 1 WT D2 Fish Day 2 WT
1 Van Hoye/Velder 31 0 0 3 7.81
2 Flaherty/Snyder 19 0 2.64 D2 0 3 7.02
3 Mueller/Mueller 8 0 0 3 6.74
4 Williams/Crump 3 2 3.25 D2 4.25 2 5.54
5 Quarles/Shelton 21 0 2.89 D2 0 2 4.88
6 Kathol/Kathol 22 5 12.02 2 4.7
7 Murphy/Heller 25 2 5.47 2 4.6


Day 22 Collage Day2 Collage


Finally we take a look at our overall winners for the tournament. The CWA awards the Top Youth team, Mixed Team, and overall top 3 teams with plaques and a nice check to go with it! Pictured directly below are the overall tournament winners, Day 1 top team, Group 2 Shootout winners, Cabela’s Angler Cash, and mixed team, the Kathol’s, with a total weight of 16.72 lbs for two days! Congrats on an awesome showing at the first CWA Points tournament!

1st Place Collage


2nd Place overall went to Kevin Gibbs and Jeff Don, who also got the award for best finishing team in a Lund boat, with a two day weight total of 12.67 lbs! Awesome job guys, and we hope to see you two fishing more tournaments in the future!

2nd Collage


3rd Place went to the Jones’, who also got top mixed team for day 2, and 4th on day one, with a final total weight of 11.81 lbs! Good job, we hope it continues throughout the season!

3rd Collage


Top Youth Team award went to Brad and Dillon Johnson, who also Placed 5th overall, and 5th on day one! Congrats guys!



Ranger Boats also pays the top team fishing in a Ranger, and the winning team of this award goes to Williams/Crump. They also had Day 2 big fish at 3.25 pounds, and a 4th place finish on day 2! Congrats guys!

Ranger Collage

Thanks again to everyone who fished the tournament, Helped out, and came down to see everything go down. We could not have had the success we did running the tournament with out you guys! Here is a photo of the “behind the scenes” guys that made the tournament run smooth! From left to right: Justin Crump (President) Shane DuBois (Weigh Master), Ray Deichsel (treasurer), and Matt Mascarenas (Tournament Director). Also in the following picture, Brad Qualley and Mitch Peterson, and Brad’s dad Jerry for their awesome work on helping to keep the weigh station running smoothly! THANKS! Be sure to check out our Photo Gallery tab for full sized images! Until next tournament, it was a pleasure!

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