Teams Registered for Jumbo Tournament

1.  Frank Becvar Todd Christofferson
2.  Aaron Raichel Richard Raichel
3.  Cary Weaver Gary Weaver
4.  Josh Johnson Audrey Johson (Y)
5.  Neal Wilkinson Kelly Wilkinson (M)
6.  Brett Rye  Shep Sheppard
7.  Chantry Cunning Landon Cunning
8.  Dick Hadden Greg Devrous
9.  Ronnie L. Snyder Ronnie D. Snyder
10. Nick Shaffer Dustin Thim
11. Gene Metschke Jim Hamilton
12. Joe Baird Todd Workman
13. Gregor Eigsti Mike Maloney
14. Jeff Mekelburg Amber Mekelburg-Herz (M)
15. Cody Lawhorn Bill Ianiro
16. Jon Kaibel Charlie Kellnhofer
17. John Flaherty Lonnie Snyder
18. Rob Sorenson Bob Giordano
19. Mike Joern Dan Vier
20. David Johnson Ron Egan
21. Randall Wagner Paul Sauer
22. Scott Beauvais Robert Schafer
23. John Moreland Erick Knodel
24.  Scott Wilson Boe Kampbell
25.  Bob Pedersen Rodney Ruch
26.  Mike Williams Rusty Riley
27.  Donald Broeren Jeff Hester
28.  Drew Anderson Doug Anderson
29.  Myron Johnson Sr. Myron Johnson Jr. (Y)
30.  Ray Deichsel Kyle Kunkel
31.  Adam Haun Sam Buck
32.  Peter Friederich Matt Boldra
33.  John Quarles Steve Shelton
34.  Brad Petersen Charlie Black
35.  John Wickstrum Scott Drury
36.  Mitch Petersen Brad Qualley
37.  Ramon Fontanes Abe Aryan
38.  Dave Ruch Mike Ralph


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