Tournament Schedule

2017 Proposed Tournament Schedule

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Points Tournament #1

Cherry Creek Reservoir

April 22nd & 23rd

Pending Permit

Points Tournament #2 

Pueblo Reservoir

May 6th & 7th

Pending Permit

Points Tournament #3 

Jumbo Reservoir

May 20th & 21st

Pending Permit

Points Tournament #4

Trinidad Reservoir

June 10th & June 11th

Pending Permit

Points Tournament #5 

Sterling Reservoir

June 24th & June 25th

Pending Permit

Fall Classic / Colorado Cup

Horsetooth Reservoir


Pending Permit

Mail in Entry

Feel free to print and mail your tourmanent entry form.  Please be advised by doing so you agree to all rules set by the CWA.  You must also be a CWA Member.  CLICK HERE to view the document and print it.


Payout Each Day

1st place


2nd place


3rd place


4th place


5th place


6th place


7th place


8th place


9th place


10th place


payouts listed above based on 50 boats

*1 in 5 places paid up to 10 places

Big Fish Prize package to include $25 package from JB Lures Each Day

1st place Youth Team Prize Sponsored by Cabelas

1st place Mixed Team Overall Prize 

Ranger Cup 1st overall payout $150

Team of the Year $500